Doug Garvin from AV Guitar Society @ AV Fair 8/22

Hey, this is Doug Garvin from the Guitar Society. Didn’t make it to the last meeting at Butler’s, but I was wanting to let the group know that my band is playing at the AV Fair this Friday, Aug 22. I don’t seem to have anyone’s emails either, so thought I’d shoot it through here to see if there is a way to get the word out to the members who’s emails you have.

Band name is “String and a Prayer”. We will start around 9-9:30pm and go till about 10:30pm on Friday, Aug 22 on the Camacho Community Stage (in back by the photo exhibit). We’ll be playing a range of acoustic bluegrassy/folksy tunes. Along with guitar, we’ve got some mandolin, ukulele, dulcimer, cajon, and banjo, so it’s going to be a fun time. Here’s an idea of what songs we’ll be playing:

Jambalaya, Deeper Well (Wailin Jennys), Army Girl (original), Black & White (Cherryholmes), Come Down (original), Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash), Keep on the Sunny Side (The Whites version), Traveling Soldier (Dixie Chicks), Ghost Riders in the Sky (J. Cash), Soak up the Sun (Sheryl Crow), This Train (Mumford and Sons version), and I’ll Fly Away (Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack).

So, not sure if you’re able to send that to some of the folks in the Society that I see at the monthly meetings…..but thought I’d give it a shot. Hope to see some of them there. 🙂

Doug Garvin

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